Officially Licensed by the MoD

We are the only strap company with License to use British Military insigna on our products. We have also obtained written permission from the Royal Navy to use the Ensign.


  • Forces-friendly employer and company.

Premium Watch Straps from Zulu Alpha

Here at Zulu Alpha we strive for the best quality possible with all of our watch bands. Our premium watch straps are made to perform under any terrain and for any circumstance, we build them from the most durable materials, which is why we are authorised by the MoD. Zulu Alpha watch bands are made from polyester, quick-drying and are more comfortable when put through the elements. Our premium watch straps are of exceptional quality and we proudly represent the Ministry of Defence which we are licenced to serve. We are proud of our premium watch straps, single pass and our proudest creation, OTAN watch bands. If you need to know anything before purchasing, we are glad to answer any questions, so contact us today.

Zulu Alpha had a humble beginning, while searching online for a new strap for a Breitling watch, our founder realised there wasn’t any that suited. With either £10 or £300 options available. From here, he decided to turn his old rifle sling from a kit bag into what would be the first Zulu Alpha strap. 

Since 2018, Zulu Alpha have been sourcing the best materials, manufacturing in Liverpool and bringing its customers premium watch bands to disrupt the market. Our watch straps are for anyone who wants more out of their equipment, explore all of our collections here.