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Zulu Alpha Straps

Bolt Action Spring bars

Bolt Action Spring bars

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 Bolt Action Spring Bars

There is nothing better than changing the strap of your favourite watch to see how it takes on a completely different personality. However, changing the strap may be a very frustrating process. Even expert and knowledgeable strap-swappers occasionally find themselves mumbling expletives due to flying spring bars, recalcitrant end links, and scratched lugs. However, there is a cheat code that makes all the effort unnecessary.

Bolt Action spring bars, who also go by several names like "quick-change" or "quick-release," has a spring bar with a little knob sticking out through a slot. To retract the spring-loaded bar and pop it into or out of the lugs' holes, you simply pull it with your fingertip. It only requires one step and is ridiculously easy.

Supplied in packs of 4 bars.

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