Are all your products hand made to order?

Absolutely, we hand make everything to order here in the UK. None of our products are sat on a shelf ready to go.

Do you make unit straps?

Yes we do, however there are constraints based on numbers required. Gauge interest with the lads then contact us via email orders@zulualphastraps.com

I have received a shipping notification but no strap?

We use a 3 Day service via DHL. Please be patient, at time of fulfilment we may have missed the window for collections today so it will leave us tomorrow.

Do ship to my country?

Yes, ship globally including via Military post.

Why havent you replied to my email?

Please make sure you have emailed orders@zulualphastraps.com . This is the mailbox that is monitored constantly. Please also take into consideration the time difference. We are based in the UK so may be in our racks when you message. We also dont work weekends so please only expect a reply during business hours.

Can you make me a strap longer or shorted than your standard size ?

Absolutely, we have the ability to cut the webbing to size so please add a note at checkout if you require alterations to our standard sizing.

How should I clean and maintain my strap ?

Tepid water, toothbrush and dish soap. You shed skin daily, a bunch of this skin gets caught up in the webbing along with your sweat. After a while it gets funky, dont just rinse the strap make sure you give it a light scrub with an old toothbrush to try and get into the weave. If you have a leather insignia on your keeper try and keep it dry, leathers only waterproof when it’s still on the cow. Clean it with a cotton bud/ cue tip and be sure to moisturise the leather with a leather cream. If you have a flag on your keeper then please be gentle around that area. Dont use the toothbrush, you’ll likely damage it. Small circles with some cotton wool and dish soap and rinse. Repeat as necessary.

Why are you more expensive than the straps I can buy on Amazon or Ebay?

We are trying to bring back an industry that no longer exists on our shores. We are bucking the trend and make everything here with domestic materials. We pay taxes on everything we buy and sell and we also pay our staff the National living wage, not the minimum one. Our guys are happy and have passion for the product. Our price reflects the quality, materials and workmanship. Each strap takes around 1.5 hours to complete and passes through 3 hands before it leaves. Cheap straps aren’t good and good straps aren’t cheap.