About us



Our material comes straight from the mills of Manchester and Cheshire. It travels directly to our workshop in Liverpool. Once arrived, we get to work. Everything is done by hand by our small team, we don’t cut corners, we don’t rush and we don’t count stitches. As the majority of our wearers are military and first responders, our product is manufactured to operate in the same harsh environments they do.

With this in mind, in many cases we opt to use polyester instead of nylon, the rationale behind that is polyester has a higher abrasion resistance and it dries faster. A no brainier considering where our straps end up.

We use 304 Stainless steel not 316. Why? well 304 is stronger. 316 is a little harder therefore more brittle than 304.

Our straps are sewn with bonded nylon and not cotton. Hopefully your starting to see a trend here. You guessed it; bonded nylon is up to 8 times stronger. In case you’re wondering, we didn’t use bonded polyester it’s because it doesn’t have the same flexibility and stretch as nylon thread. Fundamental when being used for stitching.


Z.A. Strap Company is a Ltd company registered in England and Wales. Our designs are unique and registered ® with the UKIPO.

Company number 12093473

Registered design – 6059894

“Si vis pacem, para bellum”