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Veteran owned and operated.

Not that that makes us special, but it does make us aware of the environments our customers operate in and it does make us accountable.

Before becoming strap guys we were watch guys, we looked at the strap game and couldn’t find anything of superior quality that was fundamentally utilitarian in design.

So.... we made our own.

The original was as rough as Tarzans feet but it planted the seed and set the wheels in motion.

The first model was produced with surplus British military equipment which included a Sa80 rifle sling.

That was shared on a few forums and before we knew it we were getting orders.

Naturally this then evolved into something bigger than we could have ever imagined.

We have had straps in every corner of the earth, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, deserts, jungles, under the sea, on the surface and even multiple 8000m peaks including Everest.


We are chosen not issued.

Our customers are military operators, law enforcement officers and adventures. They choose Z.A to accompany them on their deployments, operations and expeditions because they know they can rely on our product.

Everything we make is made to the highest standards possible here, in Britain.

Even the materials we use are British.

Our webbing comes from the historic textile mills of Manchester which date back to the 1700’s.

Our steel from Sheffield who has foundries dating back to the 1600's.

Our flags, they come from Wales who have absolutely no history or business producing flags but I went to school with Dave who makes them and he’s a good bloke...

We are as much a community as we are a business and we’re lead by you.  

By Us For Us


Z.A. Strap Company is a Ltd company registered in England and Wales. Our designs are unique and registered ® with the UKIPO.

Company number 12093473

Registered design – 6059894

“Si vis pacem, para bellum”