Our Story


May 2019 -

Very quickly the demand grew and so did our knowledge. We needed to make more robust straps and so we revised the stitch pattern and weave. This demanded new equipment and our signature box stitch was born.



May 2020 -

Our brand grew and so did our product range. We entered into a growth period and dedicated all of our time to ZA by transitioning from a hobby business to a full time one. We became disruptive in the industry and started to own the market place. This demanded more room and equipment.



Feb 2021 -

Growth and Consistency allowed us to move to a dedicated workshop. 500 Square feet to create, innovative and expand our portfolio. Our team grew to 3 and this gave us the scalability to manage corporate orders with ease. We started working Consistently with brands such as Sangin Instruments and Vertex. It also gave us the ability to provide larger drops.



Aug 2022 -

Once again we experienced growth and consistency. This forced us to expand from our 500 Square feet to 2000. We innovated and created 3 new product ranges and expanded our portfolio further.