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Zulu Alpha Straps

N.D. Limits

N.D. Limits

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N.D Limits single pass OTAN.

Solid Orange in colour and featuring the new MK2 OTAN hardware, this strap has been refined in every way. 

Carrying the N.D. Limits charts as set by NAUI for dives between 12 and 40m.

A no-decompression limit is the maximum time that a diver can spend underwater and still ascend directly to the surface without the need for decompression stops.


 This strap is for a quick visual reference only and should not be used to replace a dive computer or dive planner. The content on the table pictured above is inaccurate. Since photography it has been updated it to what is accurate as per the NAUI website as of Jan 2024. Please check with qualified professionals for up to date information as these tables change unpredictably.     Z.A. Strap Company Ltd Accepts no responsibility for you're safety while using this product. Please follow your training and the up to date information published by the accredited schools and bodies whom operate in and govern diving.                         Please dive safely within your own personal limits. 


 Shipping - These are handmade, please allow 7-10 days to dispatch.

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