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PRE ORDER Caswell - Watch Cap

PRE ORDER Caswell - Watch Cap

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Due to the unexpected success of the Caswell selling out so quickly we have opened up a pre order. As such this pre order will run until 09:00 GMT on March 11. We have also been inundated with requests to add A Navy option to the mix. So we have. We are anticipating shipping to start week commencing 18th March. 

Caswell Watch Cap -  Merino Wool

The History

The guernsey pattern, also known as ‘a guernsey’ after the Channel Island of Guernsey, is a traditional fisherman’s sweater that is most commonly produced in a sailing-inspired navy colour. It is a unisex garment made using 100% wool, with a unique design on its shoulders and seams. The guernsey has been beloved for centuries and has a rich history that dates back to the 16th century when the knitting industry began. From its origins to modern re-imaginings of the jumper by local makers, the guernsey has remained a classic and timeless piece of clothing.

The history of the guernsey is closely tied to the knitting industry that began in the 1500s. The industry produced garments for commercial sale, including stockings and undergarments called Guernsey frocks. These frocks were made using a special worsted wool that was soft and warm. They were so popular that even royalty, including Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, wore guernsey-patterned stockings. The industry was so large that in the 1680s, out of the 14,000 strong island population, 6,000 people were employed as knitters. This led to a shortage of workers in food production, and men were banned from knitting during daylight hours to encourage them to work on land and sea. By the mid-1700s, the industrial revolution was taking place, and hand-knitted stockings couldn’t compete on price with factory-produced garments. Fewer and fewer knitters were required commercially, and so their attention turned to providing warm garments for sea workers, who were increasing in numbers following the boom of privateering in the late 1600s.

The guernsey jumper was first documented in the 1800s under various names, including ‘guernsey jacket’ and ‘guernsey frock’, although it was likely made for many years before. Local women handmade these jumpers primarily for fishermen and coastal workers who needed a garment that could withstand wind, rain, and seaspray while also allowing for freedom of movement. The guernsey is made with 100% worsted wool, a strong, high-quality yarn with long fibres that is naturally moisture-repellent. When knitted at a tight gauge, the fabric becomes almost windproof, keeping the wearer dry and warm for longer while facing the elements.

This rich British history has inspired our interpretation of the Watch Cap. 

The production

Our main raw material is worsted wool, it is 100% natural, and from non-mulesed flocks. It’s a renewable resource, by consuming a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and grass, sheep produce a fleece, this is removed in the spring every year, enabling the sheep to stay cool and comfortable during the warm summer months. Wool is fully biodegradable decomposing in a matter of years, but more importantly wool fibres are strong and durable perfect for recycling.

The Merino wool used in our Caswell collection is sourced primarily from Uruguayan and Chilean hillsides. The Merino is a breed of domestic sheep that produces high quality, lightweight, soft wool. Perfect for headgear. It is then imported to the UK and turned into yarn in the traditional fashion.

Shipping - Will commence week beginning March 18th

Hand made in the United Kingdom

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