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We are proud to present the WayFinder.

A polyester, tubular, bonded strap available in Coyote and NATO Green with a custom leather Vegvísir.

The polyester has been designed to provide a higher abrasion resistance than a standard Nylon watch Strap. Along with the abrasion resistance, the properties of the polyester also mean it will also dry faster than conventional straps. Perfect to maintain comfort and durability on operations, this strap is tough and enduring.

 The Story

Through a career in the military and my work with various charities I’ve had the great fortune of meeting some amazing people from all walks of life. During this time I’ve come to realise we all struggle, whether physically or emotionally and, more importantly, none of us are perfect. With this in mind I wanted to have something that reminded me to ‘keep shit real’.
Through various discussions with both serving and ex military friends, the WayFinder Totem was born. As most of you will know, I’m a huge fan of EDC and an even bigger fan of the occasional challenge coin.

The Coin

An Icelandic WayFinder dominates one side, a mythical symbol that was used to help people find their way through stormy weather. The Icelandic inscription reads ‘As others withdraw, Always push on’. The reverse provides a broken Moral Compass that doesn’t point true North - no one is perfect!

For those who have seen the film Inception, a totem is used to allow the holder to know they are in the real world. I loved that concept, hence the coin’s name and therefore reminding you to ‘keep shit real’ when you have it with you.

Kim Hughes GC

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Hand made to order in the United Kingdom by an Ex Matelot using British materials. Please allow 7 days before we dispatch.